Video Tips/Tutorials for Photographers :: Tattoo Removal; Good Looking Skin with and without Software; and More!

When it comes to photography one can never learn enough. Let’s take a look at some video tutorials that might come in handy with your photography both in the camera as well as in the computer. The first one has to do with tattoos. What if you’re doing a modeling shoot with a strict deadline and minimum budget with the later meaning little or no image retouching? It could be that one of your models has a big tattoo that the art director doesn’t want to be included.

Our second one can help you also get your models ready by removing unwanted things such as acne, freckles or age spots. It’s a lemon kind of thing.

Portrait photography doesn’t have to be difficult. Sometimes it’s all about the shapes and composition.

Sometimes in portrait shoots it’s impossible to get rid of the clutter meaning that you have to depend on Photoshop CS5′s Content Aware Fill.

Once you’ve removed the unwanted objects it’s on to enhance detail by adding contrast and enhancing details.

When it comes to models there are also other retouching steps you can take to really bring out even more beauty. Learn how to emove blemishes , enhance eyes and eyelashes, add hair highlights and more.