The ONE Camera By Canon

One camera, one lens, one bliss.

Imagine going from macro to 500mm without changing lenses.   Imagine that wonder camera small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.  Imagine an “all-touch interface”.  Imagine an “extremely high-resolution sensor”.

And it only shoots video.  You won’t need stills as the video will be so good, so perfect, that you can just pull whatever frame you need.

I can see the commercials now!

Check out this video over at Engadget displaying Canon’s new vision of where camera’s are going in the future.

Cool idea, but I can see a lot of reasons why Canon (or Nikon, or Sony, or any of the other major players) wouldn’t want to go this route.  Lost revenue.

Perfect this Uber camera, and you do away with all the lenses and different levels of camera bodies.  Unless you price the Uber camera with a massive price tag, you’ve lost major sales revenue.

Neat idea though!