The iPhone Unlocked in Apple Turnover

New changes are afoot from the FCC that will affect Apple’s iPhone. What does this mean for consumers? It’s now legal to “jailbreak” or unlock phones without any fear of legal ramifications. Assuming that AT&T is not the right provider for you and another provider is willing to offer iPhone support it would be ok to jump ship. Right now the iPhone only supports GMS technologies but CDMA (Sprint and Verizon) might only be months away.

Also, Apple won’t have as much control over their Apps. If someone makes an “unsupported” app and it’s something you want to install this will be ok, too. Could it be that we begin to see these kinds of apps for sale on non-Apple websites? Without scrutiny and evaluation by Apple the time to get an app to the consumer will be faster. For photographers we may see the iPhone get true photo/video skills that currently are not available! Imagine bringing new power to the iPhone! The downside to consumers? Warranties will, as they are written, will be voided. And, non-apps could provide an easier way to distribute things such as viruses and spyware. For now, proceed cautiously as this Apple Turnover heats up.