Panasonic 3D DSLR

The Panasonic 3D Camcorder is now official.  It features a 3D conversion lens system, which got me thinking about how easy it would be to do a 3D DSLR.

Since Panasonic is the first one out of the gate with the camcorder, I’m thinking they have an advantage to be able to migrate the technology over to a Panasonic DSLR.

And then we have to consider whether Nikon, Canon, and Sony are going to come to the plate with something in the 3D arena.  Perhaps a more polished version of some of the 3D DSLR hacks you can find on Youtube and other websites?

It’s definitely do-able.  The question is, will there be a demand for it.  This is likely what Nikon, Canon, and Sony will wait to see now that Panasonic has released their 3D Camcorder.  Let someone else test the waters, and then move in like sharks if the getting is good.