New Nikon DX DSLR In July has new rumor info from an informant that Nikon will be releasing a new DX DSLR “within few weeks”. It’s said to have excellent tonal with very nice color transitions. The rumor provider says he thinks the sensor is less than 20 megapixels.  Now, he says that’s bad news.  [...] Read more »

The ONE Camera By Canon

One camera, one lens, one bliss. Imagine going from macro to 500mm without changing lenses.   Imagine that wonder camera small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.  Imagine an “all-touch interface”.  Imagine an “extremely high-resolution sensor”. And it only shoots video.  You won’t need stills as the video [...] Read more »

No Nikon PRO DSLR Coming In 2010

There’s a thread going on citing information received by a contributor that Nikon will not be  releasing any new PRO level Nikon DSLR bodies in 2010. The rumor is that this information came out of Nikon Italy. Frankly, I could see this being accurate. Sure, we’re all waiting for [...] Read more »

Photographing Fireworks Can Be a Blast!


Grab your cameras and blast away with powerful fireworks photography! When all the colors splash across the night sky you can be there and capture it all in full color! Here are the basics to get you fired up and on your way to creating dynamic images that will keep [...] Read more »

Canon EOS 60D Only 14 Megapixels?

Now this is interesting… the new Canon EOS 60D might only have a 14 Megapixel sensor! is reporting a new rumor that the 60D will have a “video optimized 14.2 MP sensor”.  While I certainly don’t have a problem in general with a 14 megapixel sensor, I’m kinda’ surprised [...] Read more »

Canon G12 Backlit CMOS

Some G12 specs just up over at the website.  Chief among them is the fact that the G12 will have a backlit CMOS sensor, and it’ll do 1080HD video. Now the G12 having a backlit CMOS sensor is interesting.  Theoretically, this should give the G12 even better high ISO, [...] Read more »

Sigma SD15 Hits the Streets Running


The Sigma SD15 DSLR is now out on the streets and selling at just under $1000. Joining the Foveon X3 sensor cameras the 14-megapixel SD15 was shown at PMA 2010 where it received quite a bit of interest particularly from international members of the media. Improved noise control for ISO [...] Read more »