No Nikon PRO DSLR Coming In 2010

There’s a thread going on citing information received by a contributor that Nikon will not be  releasing any new PRO level Nikon DSLR bodies in 2010. The rumor is that this information came out of Nikon Italy.

Frankly, I could see this being accurate.

Sure, we’re all waiting for a D900, D700x, or whatever the D700 replacement will be called, but the fact of the matter is that the Nikon D700 is a SUPERB camera and is selling VERY well.  I can tell you I LOVE mine!

Nikon could very well have decided to not release anything PRO level until 2011.  The D700 will carry Nikon through until then.  This way they could also be better poised to make sure an update would have everything it needs to be competitive, especially if the competition has released their new DSLR announcements beforehand.

I think this rumor may well be valid.  I suspect the next Nikon DSLR we’re going to see is the Nikon D7000, the much anticipated replacement to the Nikon D90.  Either that, or the new Nikon D4000, the replacement to the Nikon D3000.

Maybe we’ll see both announced soon!