Nikon Perfects Video Auto Focus

At least that’s what I hope! The latest rumors are that Nikon has figured out how to bring fast, continuous auto focus to DSLR cameras.  Hooray!

The general consensus is that we’ll probably see this new improved video AF in the expected Nikon EVIL camera, but I wonder about that.

Let’s remember that the D90 replacement, the D7000, is expected to be announced any day now.  Seems like a perfect time to me to deliver the new goods.

A brand new D7000 with continuous video auto focus will take the proverbial cake, likely making the D7000 the hottest seller out there (similar to how fast the D90 rose to stardom when it was introduced… and remember, it was the D90 that first brought video to DSLR’s).

I’m even more excited to see the D7000 when it comes out.  It’s pretty much a given that I’ll be on the pre-order list at my local camera store.

But this rumor also makes me wonder… will there be new quieter lenses introduced, specifically designed to be quiet focusing for better video audio?  Better auto focus is great, but if you can hear the AF-S motor going on your video, that’s not great.

Could be a great new opportunity for Nikon (and Canon, Sony, and the others) to sell a whole pile of new lenses!