Nikon D7000 With Continous Video Auto Focus

So the Nikon D3100 rumor is out there, and the word is that it’ll have Nikon’s new Continous Video AF.

Let’s call it CV-AF for short.

This is exciting as the D3100 rumors have it quite nicely spec’d, which can only mean one thing… the Nikon D7000 is going to be EVEN BETTER!

I’m thinking we’ll see more options for the 1080HD.  Probably not on the level of RED (i.e. 2K / 4K / etc.), but definitely 24, 30, and 60i.  Anything less would be suicide.

We’re almost certain to see an external mic jack on the D7000.  Again, it’s a given as anything less would be crippling.

Remember, Nikon launched the first VSLR, the D90 and was the leader of the pack.  They’re going to want to keep up the lead with the D7000.  Even my Canon T2i has an external mic jack and 24, 30, and 60i settings for the 1080 HD video, so Nikon simply MUST include these to be competitive.

Now, factor in the new CV-AF, and we’ve got a winner!  The D7000 will be a game-changer.  Expect Canon and Sony to be scrambling to introduce a similar Continous Video Auto Focus.  They’ll have to to stay in the game.

Exciting times!  I want my D7000 now!!!

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  1. Nikkon D7000 says:

    I’ve just pre-ordered the D7000 from for just 1199$ and free shipping.
    I’m so excited !! this should be like the best camera ever – rich camera incorporates a 16.2Mp CMOS sensor, faster ‘Expeed 2′-branded processor, 921k dot 3.0″ LCD and can record 1080p full HD movies, WOW !!