Nikon D7000 Sum Up

So, one of the hottest topics out there at the moment is the MUCH anticipated and eagerly awaited Nikon D90 replacement, the Nikon D7000.

Of course, it’s not even a given that the D90 replacement will be called the D7000, but let’s call it an educated guess.  Factor in the latest names of the current Nikon line-up, and the fact that Thom Hogan thinks it’ll be the D7000, and I think it’s a more than fair chance that’s what Nikon will be calling it.

There have a been a lot of specs flying around, and a lot of speculation, and a lot of rumors.  Obviously, it’s all rumor until we hear something concrete from Nikon, but we can usually boil things down this close to an anticipated official announcement and get pretty close to what the end result will be.

So here we go…

The sensor is going to be CMOS.  That’s a given.  It’ll be between 16 and 20 megapixels.  Personally, I’m hoping for 20MP as long as Nikon makes it 20 SUPER CLEAN megapixels.  We’ve heard rumors the D7000 will be as clean as the D700, which will be TOTALLY AMAZING if it is 20MP.

(It’ll be pretty amazing if it’s 16MP too!)

Video is the other big thing.  We can certainly expect to see 1080HD on the Nikon D7000.  The variables here will be the available settings.  24, 30, 60i are the givens.  Will we see the higher stuff like the RED cameras have?  RAW Video capture?  Probably not on the D7000, but then Nikon has been surprising us a lot lately.  Also expect an external mic input and variable gain control.

Those are the two biggies where this camera is concerned.  The rest is fairly standard fare and to be expected.

AF will be slightly better than the D90 (which is already very good).

Options and programability will very good… even better than the D90.

Expect a similar build quality to the D90 (i.e. tough and rugged but not quite on the D300s or D700 level).

And we might see either built-in GPS or Wi-Fi on the D7000… or both!

All in all, it’ll be a great DSLR, and a great seller for Nikon.  I can’t wait to get mine!

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  1. PeterGregg says:

    I just bought a Canon T2i mostly to use for video.

    The big thing that Canon is missing on anything below the 5D MKII is the ability to shut off AGC (automatic gain control).

    If the D90 replacement has that ability built into it PLUS if they crack the autofocus inability of any DSLR at the moment they (Nikon) will become the new champs.

    Canon may not ever put those things in a DSLR because they can make a camera to compete with Sony and Panasonic more on the camcorder side where Nikon can’t do that. A Canon camcorder with the 1.6 sensor in it with interchangeable lens, autofocus, manual gain control and other of Canon’s camcorder expertise will knock the others on their rump.