Nikon D3100 With Continuos Video AF

And the information (oops… rumors) keep coming…

Introducing the Nikon D3100!  According to, this isn’t the Nikon D3000 replacement, but the DSLR that we thought was to be called the D4000… a new model positioned between the D3000 and the D5000.

Not sure I buy that part.  Seems to me, as the name would imply, that this is indeed the D3000 replacement.

Regardless, the specs look VERY good for an entry level DSLR!

Continuous Video AF in Live View mode, new 11 or 12 point AF system, 10 MP CMOS sensor, 1080 HD (although only in 24 fps… no 30 or 60i… tisk, tisk), 3fps

I am kinda surprised to see the 10 MP sensor.  I would’ve thought 12 MP would be the new low, but maybe Nikon has their reasons.  Either that, or it’ll be 12MP after all.

1080 HD… Hooray!  Even if it’s only 24fps with no other options, at least it’s 1080!  Maybe Nikon wants to not give away everything in the low end of the line-up.  I get that.

And the BIG BIG news… Continuous Video Auto Focus in Live View Mode!!!

This will rock the DSLR world.  Expect all the new Nikon DSLR models to have it, and expect Canon, Sony and the rest of the gang to be working like mad to catch up.

Just like with the D90 which was the first to introduce video to a DSLR, Nikon is raising the bar once again!

I’ve got a feeling this rumor is very high on the Rumor-To-Reality meter.  I’m gonna say 95%.