New Nikon Concept Camera

Nikon is working on a new Nikon concept camera, possibly an EVIL mirror-less type design.

Nikon President Makoto Kimura says “ ‘It could be any time this fiscal year or the following year, as new models are starting to sell,’ he said, declining to specify when the product will be available.”

So, we may be seeing a Nikon EVIL camera sooner than we thought.  Here’s what I’d expect to see in terms of specs considering where we are now and where I think things will be next year technology wise.

Nikon EVIL

- mirror-less design

- 14-18 megapixel DX sensor

- full 1080HD video (possibly with RAW video capabilities)

- compact and light-weight body, think Olympus EP-1 / EP-2

And here’s what else I’d like to see, but am not holding my breath for…

- built in GPS for geotagging

- built in wi-fi

- higher end model available with FX sensor, let’s say somewhere between 12 – 20 megapixels

I’m going with a wide range on the FX sensor because part of me would be just fine with the D700 sensor and part of me would like to see more megapixels.

I think this camera will sell VERY well for Nikon.  I’d likely buy one if the specs were right.  It’d be the perfect light-weight prime camera.  I could see myself loving it with a 20mm or 24mm wide prime, my 50mm f1.8, and possibly an 85mm f1.8.