New High ISO Nikon DX DSLR

I’ve heard some new information that Nikon may have a BIG surprise in store for us!  One of the upcoming new Nikon DSLR announcements may be something unexpected… unexpected but VERY welcome in my book.

Rumor has it one of the upcoming new Nikon DSLR’s will be a DX body with a lower megapixel sensor that has EXTREMELY good High ISO capabilities.

The indication was that the sensor  would be 12 megapixels or lower, which while not exactly low by current standards, will be low for the expected specs of the upcoming DSLR’s.

This is welcome news!

We all know that 12 megapixels is plenty for more than 90% of us, so if Nikon has concentrated all technological advancements into giving us a 12 megapixel sensor with superb High ISO ability, then I’m loving it!

Imagine the same technology used to make the D3s sensor so good, and then figure in another year and a bit of advancement in that technology.  Now, imagine Nikon using that technology to give us a 12 megapixel DX sensor that has the high ISO capability of the Nikon D700 or better!

We have a DX winner folks!  I want one, you’ll want one… everybody will want one!

I don’t know where to rate this rumor on the Rumor To Reality scale, but I sure hope it’s sound!