New 14 & 16 Megapixel Sony DSLR’s is reporting there will be four new Sony DSLR cameras coming by September!  The word is that all four will be announced by end of August and will actually be in stores by September.

Rumored to be the A55, A33, A560, and the A580, they will all feature new 14 and 16 megapixel sensors.

The A55 and A33 are said to be translucent.  Kinda’ cool.  Maybe taking a page from the Pentax color thing. The A55 will be 16MP and the A33 will be 14MP.  The A560 and the A580 will be 14MP and 16MP respectively.

All the new beasts are said to have full HD video ability, and apparently, following in the Nikon rumors footsteps, they
are said to have greatly improved video AF ability.

Sounds like Sony is rattling the cage again!  It’s always great when competition forces technological advancement and lower pricing.

I never would’ve thought there’d be a day when Sony had equivalent DSLR market-share to Nikon and Canon, but if Sony keeps this up, it could be coming sooner than later!

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  1. TT says:

    translucent isn’t refering to the body. the mirror is supposed to be translucent that will provide phase detect AF and liveview at the same time. (no OVF).