Get 3D Images from Your DSLR

Using a Coronet stereoscopic camera loaded with 35mm film was the way many of us got those first 3D photos. Film was processed and printed. Then, using a stereo viewer pressed to our faces we could get these marvelous 3D images. Even today many of these specialized film cameras are still around. But, old quality viewers are becoming more difficult to find. With digital cameras we could still get 3D but it was more challenging. Thanks to a Wired post it seems that LOREO has a better idea in the “3D Lens in a Cap.” Having been in development since 2007 this lens product is available for all popular digital camera formats from APS-C to Micro 4/3. It works because it transposes two images through a matched pair of focusing lenses and a reflector housing with four mirrors appropriate to produce a 3-dimensional effect. After you’ve captured some shots you can have your 3D images printed or they can be viewed with the recommended viewer or even on your computer screen. Prices begin at $150.  Read More