Canon Going Smaller Instead of EVIL

The word out of Canon HQ is that they’re working on smaller DSLR’s to compete against the EVIL cameras instead of actually coming out with a Canon EVIL mirror-less camera.

Interesting news on a few levels.

We’ve been wondering / anticipating / expecting Canon to announce an EVIL camera for a while now, although the thought has been that they’d probably be last to the EVIL party.  In light of that, this news from Canon is not entirely unexpected.

It’ll be interesting to see just how small Canon has in mind when they say they’re working on smaller DSLR’s.   The big question is, how small can you build a DSLR?

Does the single lens reflex part limit how small a DSLR can be designed?  If so, what is that limit?

I’d love a mini DSLR.  I’m thinking G11 size DSLR with the same ruggedness and great build quality of the G11.  Give us a few nice mini primes to go with it, and of course a few mini consumer zooms for the masses, and I think Canon would have a best seller.

Here’s a thought Canon… build the new Canon Mini DSLR with a full frame option!

Oh yeah!  A G11 size DSLR with the original 5D full frame sensor in it, tweaked for crazy good high ISO ability!  Bring this baby out, and you won’t be able to keep up with the demand Canon!