Canon G12 With DX Sensor

I just received word that the Canon G12 will have a DX sensor.  Wow!  This could be huge if it’s true.

I’d love to have a G12 size camera with a sensor that is HUGE in comparison to it’s competition.  Imagine how great the image quality would be if the G12 kept the megapixels down to the G11 level, stayed at 10 megapixels AND was a DX sensor!

Unfortunately, I can’t say that I put a lot of faith in this rumor.  I’d have to rate it a 1, maybe a 2 at best on the RumorToReality scale. But hey… this is a rumors column, and we can still hope!

Now if they brought out a G12 with a DX sensor, imagine if they gave us an S90 successor with the same DX sensor.  That would be the most amazing, smallest camera on the market today!  I’d be all over one.

Makes you wonder why the big guys haven’t given us a small compact with a DX sensor yet?  I think it would be a BIG seller.  Hint… hint… Canon, Nikon, Sony…

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  1. Glazzeye says:

    Yes, if the G12 comes out with a DX sensor, I’m not forced to use my tripod so often.

    If another feature would be a wide equivalent to 24 mm (with less tele to keep the compact size fo camera), I will even more enjoy to operate with a nearly full-scale-camera in pocket size.

    Then I will change my G10.

  2. Jack says:

    Hi, I think this is most unlikely. Physics simply will not allow you to keep the lens small with a DX sensor.

  3. G11fan says:

    Hi, I think it is possible, have a look to the Sigma DP1 / DP1X / DP2 and DP2S.
    These camaras make fantastic picttures with an APS-C Sensor an a small but fixed lense.

    I hope canon will go this way.

    G11fan from Austria (Europe)