Canon G12 Backlit CMOS

Some G12 specs just up over at the website.  Chief among them is the fact that the G12 will have a backlit CMOS sensor, and it’ll do 1080HD video.

Now the G12 having a backlit CMOS sensor is interesting.  Theoretically, this should give the G12 even better high ISO, low noise characteristics.  The fact that Canon is leaving it at 10MP is also a good sign as they’re learning that the megapixel war is over.  People don’t need more than 10MP, especially in a pocket camera, and especially not at the expense of image quality.

Combine the fact that the G12 is going to stay at 10 megapixels with the new technology of the backlit CMOS sensor, and we should see some VERY good low light abilities… even better than the excellent G11.

The 1080HD video was a given.  I was surprised the G11 didn’t have it, so I’m not at all surprised to hear the G12 will.  I would have been simply ASTONISHED to find out the G12 didn’t have 1080HD video.  It’s a given now folks.  If you want to play with the big boys, you just gotta have 1080HD video in your digital cameras.  Any manufacturer that doesn’t get this is going to pay a high price (are you listening Nikon????).