Canon EOS 60D Only 14 Megapixels?

Now this is interesting… the new Canon EOS 60D might only have a 14 Megapixel sensor! is reporting a new rumor that the 60D will have a “video optimized 14.2 MP sensor”.  While I certainly don’t have a problem in general with a 14 megapixel sensor, I’m kinda’ surprised at this one.

The 7D and the T2i both have 18 megapixel sensors.  Enter a 60D, which sits in between the T2i and the 7D in the Canon line-up, with a 14 megapixel sensor.

Doesn’t strike me as something Canon would do.

On the other hand, I’m all for it if it means the 60D is capable of delivering better image quality at high ISO with less noise.  Let’s face it folks… nobody but a select few needs more than 12 MP, let alone 18, so 14.2 is just fine.  If we get cleaner high ISO out of a crop sensor… i.e. less noise and better detail… I say, bring it.  That’s perfectly fine in my book.

Perhaps Canon is taking a page from the Nikon play book after seeing how well the D700 and D3s are doing.  You only have to look at a file from one of these two HIGH ISO CHAMPIONS  to see why they’re selling like hotcakes.

Now if Canon can give us that kind of high ISO quality in a crop sensor 60D, combined with Canon’s already class leading video abilities, they could have a REAL winner on their hands.  So much so that such it might just be a 7D killer.

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  1. Chung DHa says:

    For me I dont think they are going to do 60d its will either update 1000D or ad a 750D with those specs. But other option might be interesting is that they are making a purpose build video camera with an EF mount instead of XL mount. Cause the flip screen would make allot of sense if it is on a vid camera and lower pixel amount would not care if you are filming more than taking pictures.