Canon EF 16-50 f4L H-IS

CanonRumors says they’ve heard word that there may be a new Canon EF 16-50 f4L H-IS lens coming. Sounds interesting, and certainly a new f4L lens is a possibility following on the heels of the extremely successful Canon 24-105 f4L IS.

Perhaps f4L lenses will become the new best sellers for Canon?

With the fantastic high ISO abilities of most new DSLR cameras, the faster f2.8 zooms aren’t as necessary to many shooters.  Remember, f4 will still give you a nice blurred out background on the telephoto end (granted 50mm isn’t exactly telephoto).

Price is the key.  You get L glass, phenomenal performance, and IS at a fraction of what the f2.8 version would cost you.  In the case of the 24-105 f4L, you don’t even have an f2.8 option, as the cost to build such a beast would be extremely prohibitive, not to mention the weight of such a monster.

I think this lens would be a good seller for Canon if they brought it out, obviously the caveat being price.

Always like to hear about more choice in the optics department!