Hodgepodge of New Products from Apple and HP

The new iPhone 4 is finally out of the bag, officially speaking. Resolution jumps to 5 megapixels from 2 with a new face front camera. An LED flash adds illumination, something that others have offered previously. The iPhone 4 also adds 720p video with its own iMovie editing application. What is exciting, at least to us, is the video chat/call FaceTime software that lets you actually do real-time video conferencing. Overall, the this Apple product is more powerful, offers true multi-tasking and thinner than its predecessors as well as sports an even higher resolution screen where engineers were able to get 4 times more pixels in the same space. Clarity and color just pop out in 960 x640 resolution. Disappointingly Steve Jobs did not announce any new partnerships taking the iPhone away from AT&T. Sales should once again show the iPhone 4 to be a very hot product.

Expanding on their Print 2.0 strategy HP announced a new line of ePrint printers that come with their own e-mail address. But, beyond that some people will sing praises because there will be no more printer drivers to worry about. Remember that e-mail address? Basically, you can print to any of these new printers no matter where you are as long as your smart phone, laptop, etc. can send e-mail containing the files that you want to output via the printer. There are some other features available, too, such as being able to store your documents in the “cloud” and print direct when desired as well as manage and customize your documents. HP’s goal is to get people to use these new devices to print more. Only time will tell what and how much has appeal. For business this could be a positive thing. On the flip side printing may not appeal as much to the consumers since they’re printing less and less due to changing tech as well as absurdly high ink prices. In a way this challenge can be perceived in a similar light when broadcast television went up against the Internet.