The EVIL War Over China

Thom Hogan has been burning his proverbial pencil at both ends lately it seems.  He’s been putting out more articles lately than I’ve seen in years, and his June 28 article “China Syndrome” is a great read.

Thom discusses what I’ll call the coming EVIL War Over China between Nikon and Canon (and probably Sony, Pentax, Panasonic, and a few others for that matter).  In a nutshell, Nikon and Canon are both expecting China (and a few other countries poised for massive growth) to be the next great market for digital cameras.

While Thom, for various reasons (see his article, it’s a good read), thinks that the Chinese market is over-rated in terms of how much potential market is there, he points out that the most likely product to flourish there is the EVIL type, compact, mirrorless digital camera.

Small, less expensive, extremely capable, and light-weight, it’s easy to see why this would be the popular choice in the Chinese market.  EVIL is popular in the Western world, but I suspect Thom’s right in his assertion that it would be the biggest seller in the Chinese and SE Asian World.

The really interesting thing about this is the impact on you and I.  This could mean massive improvements and developments in the EVIL camera market, not to mention a price drop as the companies battle it out with each other.

In other words, we consumers benefit HUGE!  Think smaller cameras with ever better sensors, probably even full frame sensors, that are lighter, tougher, and cheaper.  I’m not seeing the down-side here!

While I’m normally a fairly passive guy and not a fan of war, in this case I say “Bring It On!”