Part II :: Is Someone Thinking of Dropping Micro Four Thirds?

On May 26, 2010 a birdie told us that someone might be considering dropping Micro Four Thirds products. Another possibility was that they might add a supplementary line that also included larger sensor APS-C sensors in their line of digital cameras. Since then some select members of the media that included Quesabesde recently visited some of Panasonic’s factories in Japan. Observed was that a replacement for the beloved LX-3 was sure to happen just before Photokina. This could possibly happen in August. Another was that there was an admission that larger sensors do have certain advantages. Also, their meetings did not appear to stray from the Micro Four Thirds arena. Regardless, we must ask if the birdie was referring to Panasonic? Or, could this story be nothing more than a one for the birds?
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