Nikon D900 In 2011

So CanonRumors has a very interesting story today.  A pro photographer who is switching over to Nikon was told from more than one Nikon source that there will be no D700 replacement this year.  They were told there will be a full frame FX camera introduced in 2011, but not in 2010.

Interesting on a few levels.  Obviously, a lot of people were expecting there to be a D700 replacement this year.  If no replacement is coming until 2011, how will this effect people’s gear plans?

In all reality, the D700 is one of the most amazing cameras on the market right now.  High ISO is simply out of this world and beats everything out there short of the D3s and the D3.  If you need a fantastic performing high ISO camera, the D700 is an excellent choice at a great price.

So, while I’m sure the D900 will be amazing when it comes, you can get a lot of great shooting in now with a D700.  Even if you buy a D700 now and sell it when the D900 comes out, you won’t lose much, and you’ll have gained all those wonderful photos in the meantime.

Another thought to consider is that the D700 won’t go away when the D900 comes out.  In other words, maybe it isn’t being replaced.  Maybe the D900 is a new model in the line-up.  Perhaps we’ll see a D700s and a D900 in the Nikon line-up.