Nikon D90 with FX Sensor

I was reading the survey over at today, and one of the options for the camera I’m waiting for was “full frame Nikon DSLR in a small body”.

Now they may not be thinking D90 size when they posted that, but I sure am.  I’d be all over a Nikon D90 with an FX sensor.  Granted, it’d be the new model, so likely a Nikon D7000 with an FX sensor.  Oh yeah… the D700 12 megapixel sensor in a D90 update.

That noise you just heard was me purring.

Or maybe even smaller.  D3000 size would be sweet.  Let’s not cripple this baby though.  D3000 size but with all the functionality of the D90 (i.e. the better LCD, better AF, and able to use all Nikon lenses).  Oh yeah!  Of couse it’ll be the D4000 body (the coming D3000 replacement), but that is even better.  They could name it as the D4000X.

I think sensor costs are low enough that they could do this now.  The problem is that Nikon, or Canon, is most likely concerned they’ll canibalize the D700 level / 5D MkII level DSLR market if they did this.  Realistically, this type of DSLR should sell for $1500 or less.  I bet they’d sell like hotcakes, but that might be the problem as far as Nikon and Canon are concerned.

Actually, the one who’s most likely to pull this off is Sony.  They’re after market share, and they don’t seem to mind rocking the price point boat on full frame DSLR bodies.  And of course if Sony does it, Nikon and Canon will most likely follow suit.

On the other hand, maybe Canon will step up to the plate.  The T2i has taken the wind out of the 7D sails.  Why buy the 7D when the T2i does pretty much everything the 7D does for half the price?  Yet, Canon made the T2i extremely well featured and didn’t appear concerned with what it might do to 7D sales.  Perhaps they could do the same with a T2i body and full frame sensor?

Maybe we’ll get a surprise announcement at Photokina this year!