Nikon D7000 – No HD Video?

Thom Hogan, eminent Nikon guru, has an interesting article on the D90 replacement over at his site ( – psstt… look for it in the archives).  Thom discusses the probable specs for the D90 replacement, what I’ve been calling the D7000 (based on an earlier post by Thom).

The big thing here is Thom’s thinking on why the D7000 might not have HD video.  He thinks Nikon has gotten the message that new DSLR’s need to have 1080HD video, but Thom’s not sure Nikon got it in time for the D7000.  Thom points to the D3s as an indication of this, noting that it doesn’t have what it should’ve had in the 1080HD department.

Thom usually gets this stuff right, more so than pretty much anyone else, so I’m concerned.  While I’m loving using my Canon T2i for 1080HD video, I am eagerly anticipating the purchase of a new Nikon D7000.  The T2i was a stop-gap measure for me so that I could get the beautiful 1080HD video that Canon is excelling at, while I waited for a new Nikon body that would do the same (my D90 just doesn’t cut if for video).

Now, I’m wondering if I’m going to be disappointed?

If the D7000 doesn’t have 1080HD with manual controls and an external mic input, it’s gonna be a bummer for me.  I may even pass on buying one.

For once, I’m hoping Thom is wrong.  Come on Nikon!  Bring on the Nikon D7000, fully armed with 1080HD!