Nikon D4000

Looks like the Nikon D4000 is on it’s way.  Word is the Nikon D3000 body is no longer available as body only.  Safe to say this is a precursor to the coming of the D4000.

Good thing too.  The D3000 is long in the tooth.  Maybe not in terms of how long it’s been out, but technically speaking.  The D3000, while not a bad camera, is quite under-spec’d when it comes to entry level DSLR’s these days.

12 Megapixels is pretty much the minimum, and the sensor should be a CMOS to get better high ISO.  Probably should throw in 1080HD video to stay competitive.  And there you have it… that’s probably what you can expect the D4000 to be.  Basically, a little D90 with better video, using only AF-S lenses and a down-graded focus system.

All in all, the Nikon D4000 will be a nice little entry level DSLR.