Nikon D400 Sighting

So NikonRumors has reported the first Nikon D400 sighting (at least I think it’s the first).   Actually, no one saw the camera, rather there were pictures posted to Facebook with the D400 listed as the camera in the exif data.

Easy to fudge if someone wanted to.  I could probably do a few myself in a couple of minutes if I really felt like it.  A little exif editing, some image interpolation, and bingo.

Interestingly, I didn’t see any exif data on the image size.  Would’ve been nice to see the size of the sensor.  I’m betting the Nikon D400 is at least 18MP, probably more like 20-22 MP if Nikon really wants to lead the pack instead of just playing catch-up.

That said, I’m happy if they stick to 18 megapixels and keep the image quality top notch.  If they can make the high ISO as good or better than the D90, I’ll be quite pleased with an 18MP sensor in the D400.

Frankly, I think we’ll see the Nikon D7000 first, and that’ll likely clue us in to what size sensor the D400 will have.  Remember the D300 and the D90 share pretty much the same sensor.

Can’t wait to see more info!

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  1. David says:

    Talked with high Executive with Nikon yesterday (Nov 5, 2010)—NO D400 before Christmas 2010. Did not get a chance to ask when in 2011 IF not under a gag order we might see one.

    Will ask that question next time I talk with him.