Canon G12

CanonRumors has an interesting little tidbits post of which one of the more interesting bits for me was the mention of the Canon G12.

Like many photographers, I love the Canon G series.  My G10 was a beautiful little piece of equipment.  It was capable of gorgeous image quality, especially when I used off-camera flash with it.  High ISO wasn’t bad for a little compact sporting almost 15 MP, and contrary to some people’s opinions, I found even ISO 800 quite usable  in a pinch.

Enter the G12.  Rumor has it that the G12 will have a CMOS sensor.  This should be HUGE for noise levels.  We should see a significant gain in the high ISO image quality.

Rumor also says the G12 will have HD video.  Well, that’s hardly earth shattering.  I was surprised the G11 didn’t, but none the less, 1080 HD in the G12 will be welcome.

I look forward to seeing the latest addition to the G family.  Remains to be seen how soon we’ll see it, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it appear for Photokina.

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  1. Brad says:

    I don’t suppose you’ve heard anything about bringing remote capture back to the G series.

    That would be awesome.

  2. Ronald Mathis says:

    Will the new Canon G12 offer more mega pixels since its offering 1080 HD
    Will the G12 offer interchangeable lens with this model
    Will their be dual cards in the G12 model

  3. Jack says:

    I think the believe that CMOS has better noise performance than CCD all started because Canon started to use CMOS in their dSLR and built in noise reduction circuit and some clever noise reduction algorithm. You can do your own research but let me say this – CCD has much much better noise performance and Dynamic Range than CMOS!!!!

    Proof? The CMOS based Canon SX 1 has a much worse noise performance when compared to the CCD based SX 10…

    This is why most compacts are still using CCDs, because of their cramped pixels, CCDs provide better image quality than CMOS.

    We are not talking about backside lit CMOS here ofcourse. However it seems that backlit CMOS benefit only very cramped sensors of the size of 1/2.3″ and below. Whether it is yield issues or other factors having more impact on noise than the photosites distance, I do not know.

    Why would companies use CMOS for compacts? HD Video. CMOS are faster and consumes less power. They are ideal for 720p and 1080p movies and fast shutter speed (10fps).

    So if G12 uses CMOS, it has better be a bigger size than 1/1.7″ or uses some ultra advanced technology such as backside lit/other clever tricks. Otherwise, I seriously think that the CCD sensors will kick its ass in terms of high ISO performance. Ofcourse with CMOS, it would mean the G12 would definitely support HD Video.

  4. I was disappointed when the G11 came out. I thought it was great about pixel downsizing to 10MP but the flip-out screen was a turn-off. The last thing I need running around taking pics is a flip out screen. Needless complexity. A f2.0 lens would have been nice. 720p video with STEREO sound would have been VERY NICE. No need for 1080p in a compact. If someone is hard core enough for 1080p then they should get a dedicated camera. The just release Elph SD4000IS is almost perfect, except for the fact that it’s minimal in on-body controls. It’s so tiring to flip through menus to adjust exposure. Really looking forward to the G12 and Lumix GF2, can’t wait to see what they will bring.

  5. Angela says:

    Does anyone have an update on when the G12 is coming out?

  6. Ricardo Rodriguez Cid says:

    Hi evreybody, Hi dear dude Colon
    I just picked up a G11 about a month ago.. and love it. I’m amazed that this little camera offers so much at a such a low cost. I’m hoping to get a underwater housing for this Summer, I will post some pictures from Maldiva’s Sea and in general I’ll post some images when I test it in different contexts and weather conditions.
    Wainting news about G12….


    Ricardo Rodríguez Cid