Canon EOS 60D Spec List

CanonRumors has a new 60D spec list.  Here’s the short and sweet of it…

18 megapixel sensor, top ISO of 6400, AF system with 9 AF points, swingy LCD (technical word is articulating), and 1080HD video pretty much the same as the Canon 7D

Ok, nothing earth shattering here.  In fact, nothing of note at all.  My T2i does all this, with the exception of the swingy LCD.  I was hoping Canon would raise the bar for the new 60D, but if this is going to be it, then I’d say buy a T2i.

The other point here is differentiation.  We’ve got the T2i, the coming 60D, and the 7D, all with very little difference between them.

The 60D should have a better AF system than the T2i.  Will it?  Not if this spec list is right, but that remains to be seen.

And if it does have a better AF system, where does that leave the 7D?  If the new 60D has this spec list, with the possible addition of a better AF system, why buy the 7D?  Me, I’d go straight to the full frame 5D MkII, especially at the current prices.

Did I mention these specs are pretty much what my T2i has?  Did I mention I am LOVING my little, light-weight, very capable, high resolution, T2i?  Want a 7D at half the price, buy a T2i.

So, is this spec list going to be it?  Could be, but I hope not.  I hope Canon gives us at least a better AF system, and while they’re at it… how about a couple more megapixels???  Say 20 or 22 MP?