Canon EOS 3D

The Canon 3D could be the most infamous DSLR on the planet.  For Canon users, it’s one of the most lusted over DSLRs and certainly one of the most talked about.

Especially for a camera that doesn’t even exist.

CanonRumors has a post today about a new Canon camera that shoots both stills and video concurrently.  Yes, you read that right folks.  Video and still at the same time.  They also speculate that this could be the long-awaited 3D.

It’s said to have a lower megapixel sensor that’s engineered towards video, but that would also give us a great high ISO stills sensor too.  Could it be? Could the fabled Canon EOS 3D really be on it’s way?

I would certainly love to see it, as would thousands of other Canon and non-Canon photographers alike.