Canon APS-H EVIL Camera

Just when we thought Canon wasn’t going to go EVIL, has received word of a Canon APS-H EVIL Camera in the works.  That’s right folks… a 1.3 crop sensor, mirrorless camera.  All the good of the 1.3x sensor like the 1D series sports, in a small, EVIL camera.

Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it?

According to Photorumors, the insider info they received cited a few reasons why Canon is doing this.

First off, Canon is finding it harder and harder to improve on the 1.6x crop sensor.  APS-C only gives you so much real-estate to work with, compared with 1.3x or full frame, so I guess this is a valid point.  That said however, what about all the EVIL cameras out there with 4/3 sensors in them that are selling like hotcakes?  Doesn’t seem to be effecting them much.  Of course, if Canon release a 1.3x EVIL camera, that could change.  I suspect it would be the MOST popular EVIL camera out there, simply for the sensor quality alone.  I know I’d want one.

Second point… it just ain’t as expensive to make chips any more.  The difference between APS-C and APS-H costs is minimal.  Yeah, can’t argue with that one.  Costs always get cheaper as technology improves.

Thirdly (if that’s a word), using the 1D sensor in another camera would get better return on investment.  Rather than just use the sensor in one camera, Canon could use it in two or more and get more bang for their R&D buck.  Makes sense.

So, it sounds do-able.  I’d love to see it materialize, but I’m skeptical.  On the other hand, it would certainly be a BIG win for Canon if they did it.  An APS-H EVIL camera would be the only competitor on the block, until someone came along and made a full frame EVIL camera that is. :-)

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  1. Pro-Evil says:

    This would really be great, if true, would be the largest sensor and the highest resolution in an Evil camera. And in the same way that the NEX5 has a larger sensor and smaller body than m4/3 cameras, the Canon APS-H Evil body could at least be not bigger than the G1/GH1. Looking forward for the materialization in Photokina perhaps.

  2. David says:

    Wow, this would mean no less than the rebirth of the FD lens series.

    Please do this Canon, and bring out an official FD lens adapter. The Universe would have its balance restored.

  3. Kn Bölja says:

    I doubt that Canon would use APS-H sensor size in a EVIL camera, since EF lenses are needed for that sensor, and they are not very compact. EF-S lenses that fits APS-C sensors do not have large enough image circles for APS-H.

  4. Chung DHa says:

    Doubt they would do FD which are full manual they either have to build total new lenses or they have to use EF lenses. They probably do what Sony did juist make 2 of the most uses lenses a kitlens, prime with f1.8 and an adapter for ef lenses and maybe for the fun a FD adapter.