Canon 60D VS Nikon D7000

With the Canon EOS 60D and Nikon D7000 rumored to be announced any day now, I thought it might be a good mental exercise to consider how these two will stack up against each other.

The Canon 60D is expected to have at least the 18MP sensor that the Canon T2i 550D and the Canon 7D have.  It’s a given that it’ll have 1080HD video.  I expect sensor cleaning to be there too.  The focus system is the major variable here.  Could be a variation on the Canon 7D, in fact, it pretty much has to be to make the 60D a contender.

The other variable for the Canon 60D is the sensor.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Canon get aggressive here and give us a new higher megapixel crop sensor… maybe 20 or 22 megapixels.

Enter the Nikon D7000.  I’m expecting an 18 megapixel sensor here, maybe more.  Also 1080 HD video.  Sensor cleaning on the D7000 too.  Focus system will likely be better than the D90, but a tad under the D3s/D3x/D700/D300s level.

See where I’m going here?

The Canon EOS 60D and the Nikon D7000 will be pretty closely spec’d.  It’ll be interesting to see if one company surprises the other and releases a higher megapixel sensor to be more competitive.  Or, maybe there’s some new features coming that we haven’t heard about.

Exciting times folks!

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  1. Kenneth Richardson says:

    I expect as has already been stated the Canon 60d to have 18 mp and the nikon to remain where the D90 was with 12mp and only a refresh for the d90. NOT a complete redo as the 60d is getting from where the 50d is concerned, a tilting moniter for one, maybe both cameras. But I DON’T THINK Nikon is going to raise the mp , to do so would be better specking the d300s which has 12mp