Canon 60D Very Soon

More rumors are flying around the inter webs that Canon will be announcing a new XXD body very soon.  Some have speculated that this’ll be the 5D MkIII, but that just doesn’t track with me.

It’s gonna be the 60D folks.  We’re way over-due for the Canon EOS 60D.  Look at the 50D.  It’s bested by it’s little brother, the Rebel T2i, and not just a little.

I own a T2i.  Bought it for the 1080HD video while Nikon is dilly-dallying about with announcing the D7000.  I love the little T2i.  One of the best DSLR values Canon has EVER released.

Now I can’t say the same thing for the 50D.  Not even close.  In fact, I’d say the 50D was one of the WORST DSLR releases in Canon history.  I owned a pair of Canon EOS 40D bodies, and they were a sweet camera for their time.  The 50D was a dissappointment.  The 50D sensor was a poor performer, and that was pretty much the only thing that was different from the 40D.

So, you can see why the 60D is needed now!  Put the 7D / T2i sensor in it, give it the 1080HD video that the 7D / T2i already have, and put it on the shelves yesterday.  OR… maybe that’s not enough.  Why not put out something that sets the pace instead of just catching up.

How about a 22MP sensor with a focus system similar to the 7D?

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  1. I’m expecting a lot from this new Canon EOS 60D since im using a Canon T2i so far it have a good quality of results. I do hope that this Canon EOS 60D have a unique features than its price.