Canon 5D Mark III

So, we’ve heard a few little tidbits and references so far, but nothing really substantial… nothing we can sink our teeth into about a Canon 5D Mark III.

CanonRumors notes that the 5D Mark II has a $500 rebate in Canada, which is one of the biggest rebates ever seen on a camera body.  Is this an indication that a 5D Mark III is coming?

Canon usually does do things this way.  They issue a round or two of rebates prior to new gear announcements so they can clear out old inventory.  It’s just that this is a REALLY big rebate.

Maybe it’s more of a combat strategy.  Many a Canon user has been switching over to Nikon, especially with the release of the HIGH ISO KING, the venerable D3s.  Could this be a counter-offensive?  The 1D Mark IV wasn’t as impressive as hoped for high ISO, certainly nowhere near as good as the D3s.  The 5D Mark II doesn’t even come close to matching the Nikon D700 at high ISO, let alone the D3s.  Could Canon be using price as a battle strategy to offset the performance?

Sure they could.  Why wouldn’t they?  If they have margin left to do it, it makes sense.  Every sale that’s still making money and keeping market share is a good one.

So, will we be seeing a 5D MkIII soon?  Maybe, but I tend to think it’ll be 2011.  I think Canon will want to see what Nikon releases with the D900 before committing to what the 5D MkIII will be.

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  1. Mark says:

    You are totally wrong about your ASSUMPTIONS reg ISO performance on the 5D II vs D700/D3. The 5D II is just as good regarding low noise on hight ISO, and that with almost twice the resolution. I own all the 3 metioned camerabodies and shoot northern-lights images for a living, so I know what I am talking about! Shooting in sRAW on the 5D II (same res av D700/D3) even beets the D700/D3 with a good margin! The D3s is another story regarding ISO/noise, but again, very few pixels pr inch makes it no challenge to achieve low noise, and in my opion still way to few pixels to defend both the use of a FF camera and the highly overrated price for the D3s!

    You should be more serious rather than throwing out your Nikonian-opinon!

  2. silky says:

    Nice Nikon commercial!

  3. aaron says:

    Mark, if you shot northern lights images for a living, and you are shooting 35mm digital, rather than film, I do not value your opinion.

  4. Biju says:

    Aaron, it is 2010, the end of…. and if you are still shooting with film, regardless of form factor (35mm, medium or large format), and regardless of subject matter (northern lights included) then your opinion/comment is even more worthless in this conversation about high-end digital cameras…

  5. Tom says:

    Well Aaron – I have to agree with biju – so much for your credibility. Being the purist you are – you must still be listening to those scratched up vinyl’s from the 70′s because with the tube amplifier because, after all, nothing beats the originals.

  6. Prince says:

    @aaron : C’mon man, it’s 2010 already. And didn’t you read what Mark said? He owned the 3 bodies mentioned. He did NOT say he owned FILM SLRs that’s why he is commenting on the matter.

  7. kj says:

    i shot the 1d mV at a wedding recently and was completely disappointed by the noise even at 1600 ISO. I am a 5d mII shooter, not a Nikon fan boy, but am about ready to jump ship. wake up boys, high iso is the new new MP. after all, when was the last time you blew up a shot to billboard size. 20+ MP is overkill, unless you can’t compose in camera, and use all that extra info to crop in PS.

  8. Keith says:

    This is a great set of comments. I really like Tom’s comments which gave me a good chuckle. Their is some PhotoSnobismGeekery going on here with some top jibes for good measure. Mark, I hope those worthless Digital photos of the northern lights were shot in black and white as I’m sure aaron would not be impressed with modern photography technology like colour. Buck your ideas up Mark, Ha Ha. Shooting with digital cameras for a living, Ha Ha HHHHAA hhhaaa ….. What ever next.

  9. Dom says:

    Wow, Aaron…. you can’t honestly throw -down on a digital slr because you are pissed that you can’t afford that high-end DSLR that look so damn pretty wrapped around our shoulders. Digital processing allows for infinite possibilities regarding pre- and post-processing, and cannot be simply seen as a cheater’s version of whatever it is that YOU are shooting with. Shame on you. I am a student, and CAN play devil’s advocate, and I know that there are pro’s and con’s for any camera type- build or model, but what can you honestly base such a shallow argument upon? We ALL shoot digital…what’s the problem???

  10. Xaver says:

    Guys, I like Marks post, because goes to the point, but you ALL who shoot digital sould sometimes think first and then write. There is some people who may know more than 01110001001.