Canon 1Ds MkIV Spec List

The first 1Ds MkIV spec list is out over at  I’ve speculated on the specs a little already here on the Pro Photo Home, but it’s interesting to see the first supposedly insider spec list out.

So let’s have at ‘er…

32 Megapixel sensor – no surprise here.  I figured between 30 to 40 MP, and 32 fits the bill.  It’ll be interesting to see just how clean these 32 megapixels are.  How good will the high ISO be?

Dual Digic V – yeah, yeah… no surprise here.  Canon needed a lot more horsepower to deal with this 32 MP bad boy, so Dual Digic V was invented.

Video equal to that of the 1D MkIV.  Ok.

Best Live View AF Canon has done yet.  Welcome news.  Live View AF is slow, so any improvements will be good.

Built-in Flash controller.  Now that’s long over-due.  Nikon DSLR’s have had flash commander ability for ages now.

So, while these aren’t validated specs… nothing here is confirmed… they’re fun to muse over.  Usually at this point in the game, rumor specs are often fairly accurate.  Time will tell. :-)