Tokina 16-28mm f2.8 Full Frame Lens

Tokina is rumored to be bringing out a new 16-28mm f2.8 full frame lens.  Its thought to be likely announced at Photokina this year.

In true Tokina fashion, it’ll likely be built like a tank.  Tokina is famous for its build quality.  You could probably run over most Tokina pro lenses with a truck and it wouldn’t hurt them.

Tokina lenses are also known to be quite good optically.  Some of the 28-70 and 28-80 models have been stellar performers.  I’ve owned a couple, one Nikon and one Canon version, and both were very good.  I imagine with today’s DSLR bodies that have the ability to dial in a lens, I’d be even more impressed.

So a new Tokina 16-28mm f2.8…

Given that it’ll be almost surely well built and a pretty decent performer optically, price will be the key here.  The new Nikon 14-24mm f2.8 is nothing short of STELLAR, so I don’t actually expect Tokina to beat it.  What I do think they’ll be able to do is offer a decent alternative at a better price.

I’ll be interested to see some real world samples and testing once this new Tokina hits the street.