Soapbox for John Nack, Photoshop’s Principal Product Manager

The tension between Adobe and Apple is beginning to really seep through the cracks. Consumers generally don’t get the real jest of what sometimes takes places behind closed doors when companies take different stances. In this case it has to do with ideologies that took hold when these two companies were founded. Thus far, Apple’s Steve Jobs has had his say followed by Adobe’s Kevin Lynch. Recently, there are stories popping up that Apple is developing Giandula, a possible alternative to Flash. Now, Photoshop’s Principal Product Manager, John Nack, puts a few of his thoughts and frustrations on the table. For example,  he and his team question whether they will ever be allowed to create apps for the iPad. With Apple’s Aperture image editing software Nack wonders whether a Lightroom version for the iPad would even be sold. (We tend to believe that it would. Even Apple recognizes that consumers would want this to happen and and in the end demand it. So, Adobe bring it on! — Is this the time where you ask yourself if you personally know someone who really uses Aperture anyway?) Take a look at Nack on the soapbox. Get a feel of this tug of war that shows no signs of going away anytime soon It’s enough to make you grit your teeth. Read More