1Ds MkIV in 2010?

So the allusions to the 5D MkIII got me thinking about the 1Ds MkIV, after all, we should be seeing it well before the arrival of a 5D MkIII if Canon sticks to their usual timelines. Which puts the 1Ds MkIV arriving this year! Actually, this would be right on [...] Read more »

5D MkIII in 2011

I wasn’t even thinking about this even remotely as the 5D MkII still seems relatively new, but it does make sense considering Canon’s regular timelines. Vincent Laforet basically, without coming right out and saying it, indicated that the new 5D MkIII would be out next year. That’s only 7 months [...] Read more »

Canon 70-200 f/2.8 IS II Review on DPR

Wow – what a giant step forward! The fantastic  new Canon 70-200 L telephoto zoom lens takes a huge step forward in the newest lens review on DPReview.com. This is great and exciting news in more than just one way. While Canon has flexed it’s technical know-how again, it also [...] Read more »

Photokina 2010 – Germany / September


Photokina is and has always been the world’s most prestigious international photography fair and event. Almost 55 years since the first one and here we are already in the month of May with it all beginning September 21. The Fair runs every two years and is held in beautiful Cologne, [...] Read more »

40MP DSLR Sensor

I’ve heard talk of a 40MP DSLR sensor coming soon.  Details are sketchy, but if true, this will rock the Medium Format world.  Who needs a Medium Format digital camera at a huge price premium, if a 40MP DSLR is available. Not too many people, that’s who. Even current full [...] Read more »

Adobe Behind Apple Anti-Trust Inquiry?

Rumor has it the powers that be are considering launching an investigation into whether Apple is violating antitrust laws by restricting which applications are allowed for the iPhone and iPad. As it stands right now, Apple basically doesn’t allow any software that isn’t designed using Apple’s own programming tools.  You [...] Read more »

Pentax Indicates That There’s Life Out There


Hiroshi Onada, Director of Pentax Europe, has provided strong indications that there’s life in new Pentax models coming this way. Pentax seems to have plans to update some of the existing ones, too. When it comes to photography Pentax is a name held in high esteem by many a shooter [...] Read more »

Free :: Adobe Lens Profile Creator


Adobe has posted a free prerelease utility intended for the Photoshop family of products that gives you the power to create easy lens profiles. For example, many still love the look of that 20mm wide angle distortion. Should you want to correct it in the image Lens Profile Creator can [...] Read more »