Nikon D3Xs

NikonRumors has posted a rumor about the Nikon D3Xs.  Here’s the specs… 24 megapixel sensor, ISO range of 100 to 3200 plus Lo-1, Lo-2, Hi-1, Hi-2, 5 fps, a new metering mode for NEF and one for JPEG, HD video including a RAW mode Supposedly this would be available June [...] Read more »

New iPad With A Camera

I’ve heard there may be a new iPad coming out with a camera.  Really, this comes as no surprise to me, as I was amazed the iPad didn’t have one to begin with. Why wouldn’t it have a camera?  Seems like such an obvious feature.  Why on earth did Apple [...] Read more »

Video Tutorials :: Getting to Know Photoshop CS5


With the recently announced Photoshop CS5 comes a plethora of new features, techniques, and approaches. If we were to point out our favorite new feature it would have to be the Content-Aware Fill. It’s easy now to work on eliminating distracting objects as well as work on your composition. But, [...] Read more »

Canon D10 Replacement

Canonrumors is suggesting there’s a new waterproof camera coming down the Canon pipeline.  They’ve seen Canon Canada replacing broken D10′s with brand new cameras instead of doing repairs.  This is usually a good indicator of a model replacement coming. When production starts to wind up on a product, spare parts [...] Read more »

Canon EOS 3D

Dean Francis has a conceptual mock-up of the long dreamed about Canon EOS 3D.  Check it out at… To start with, it’s a very nicely done mock-up!  Great job Dean! The fabled 3D is a camera many Canon shooters have been lusting over for years.  Each anticipated announcement by [...] Read more »

Nikon D7000

So the Nikon D500 got me excited, and then I started thinking about the implications for the D7000, the D90 replacement. If the D500 is getting a 20MP sensor, it stands to reason the D7000 will get it. The D7000 should also get the 1080HD video.  Probably not the 10fps, [...] Read more »

Nikon D500 From Russia With Love

NikonRumors has new intel, from Russia of all places, on the D500! Apparently Russian photographer Igor Shpilenok, a Nikon photographer, is going to be testing a new camera soon.  Here’s the specs on the camera. 20 megapixel sensor, HD video, 10 fps, single compact flash storage slot, ISO up to 3200 [...] Read more »