Nikon D7000

So the Nikon D500 got me excited, and then I started thinking about the implications for the D7000, the D90 replacement.

If the D500 is getting a 20MP sensor, it stands to reason the D7000 will get it. The D7000 should also get the 1080HD video.  Probably not the 10fps, but that’s ok with me.  ISO range will be the same if it’s the same sensor.

Wow!  Check out the D7000 specs we just put together based on the rumored D500 specs!  I’m loving it!  If the D7000 is indeed coming loaded like this, never mind the D500, I’m ALL OVER the D7000 to replace my D90.

I might even consider letting go of my D700 while it’s still worth something and getting a pair of D7000 bodies.  Probably not, as I love my D700, but it’s an idea.

A D700 and a D7000 sound like a perfect pair too.  Even the names work together, like Castor and Pollux, they sound right together.

Yeah, I’m excited.  Gear does that to me.  Maybe I’m a bit of a geek, but hey, I bet there’s a lot of you out there thinking the same thing. :-)