Nikon D500 From Russia With Love

NikonRumors has new intel, from Russia of all places, on the D500!

Apparently Russian photographer Igor Shpilenok, a Nikon photographer, is going to be testing a new camera soon.  Here’s the specs on the camera.

20 megapixel sensor, HD video, 10 fps, single compact flash storage slot, ISO up to 3200 with boost.

Sounds VERY interesting.  The top ISO of 3200 sounds right for a crop sensor DSLR that has good noise and detail.  Figure how well Nikon has developed high ISO on the D3s, and it’s apparent that they have the technology to make a 20MP crop sensor perform very well.

I’d say we could expect to see this DSLR perform better than the D90 or D300s, which is going to be awesome when you consider it’s 20MP!

HD video is a given.  Let’s hope it’s full 1080HD which Nikon really needs to deliver.  This is the standard now, and we should accept nothing less.

10 frames per second, check.  Excellent, no complaints.  Kudos Nikon

Single compact flash card slot.  No problem. Don’t expect anything over this at this level of DSLR.  Glad Nikon is staying with CF.

ISO 3200, just fine.  If Nikon delivers ISO 3200 that looks as good as the D90 or D300s files on the D500, I’m a happy camper.  As my good friend Peter Gregg likes to say, it’ll be a power file.  20MP allows for tons of cropping, OR, incredible detail in prints with virtually no visible noise even at the highest ISO.

If this is indeed the upcoming Nikon D500, it’ll be a winner!  Bring it Nikon!

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  1. mayur says:

    What may be–but all Nikon dust cleaning is faulty–no resistance even with dust cleaning censor–let put the all energy to improve this–not new cameras everyday!