Nikon D3Xs

NikonRumors has posted a rumor about the Nikon D3Xs.  Here’s the specs…

24 megapixel sensor, ISO range of 100 to 3200 plus Lo-1, Lo-2, Hi-1, Hi-2, 5 fps, a new metering mode for NEF and one for JPEG, HD video including a RAW mode

Supposedly this would be available June 2010 after the introduction of the 1Ds Mk IV.

They’ve rated this rumor at 1% likelihood.  I agree.  I’ll even go lower and totally dismiss it.  Why?  Because it doesn’t make much sense.  There’s just not that much difference between these specs and the current model D3X.  Why bother with releasing such a minor update?

There’s also the video aspect.  I really don’t think too many pro’s care if the D3X has video.  The D3s has it, and is the low light king.  You don’t gain anything by using the D3X for video.  HD is HD.  The D3s is the way to go if you want video, as you gain the low light advantage which is HUGE.

Now the D4X, that’ll be interesting.  I’m thinking at least 30 megapixels for the sensor.  High ISO will be at least as good as the D3X.  And, yes, it may just have 1080 HD video.  Now that’s an update to get excited about!

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  1. Peter Gregg says:

    I expect the next version of the D3X (a camera I use regularly) to go in one of 2 directions.

    First, either a minor update and refresh with a slightly better sensor and not much else. A 1 stop increase in quality on the 25mp D3X would be a HUGE step forward.

    Or – a major remake/overhaul with surprises or no surprises. Canon rumors have their top end camera going to a square format. Folks don’t realize the significance of a square format as you actually wind up with more usable pixels for the standard USA crop sizes.

    This rumor above states a top ISO of 3200. This kills the rumor for me as I would expect the new camera (D3Xs) to top out at 6400 and not 3200. But even a top of ISO 3200 is already a 1 stop increase if the 3200 is as good as or better than the current 1600.

  2. HD Boy says:

    Is it realistic to expect any ISO improvements with a high-res, small pixel camera?
    Desired yes. Realistic? Maybe not. But I do want 1080p60 video.

  3. Jim says:

    Nikon is nobody’s fool.
    The flagship won’t change for a few petty upgrades.
    D3X with 1080 30fps video and the low light sensitivity of the sister D3S…..
    Now that plus perhaps 30+mp would be worth a model number upgrade to say…………”D4″
    Dont forget the Sigma upping the anty to 46megapixels with the SD-1
    Nikon??????? time to step up to the plate and knock this one out of the park!
    KEEP Canon under your thumb……..You’re over due.