New Sony Alpha With 1080i Video

David Kilpatrick has some very interesting insight into the coming announcements from Sony, including a new Sony A7XX DSLR that’ll have 1080i video.  Possibly called the A750, it  sounds like it’ll be quite the camera.

For those of you that don’t know who David is, it’s worth a trip over to to check out everything Alpha.  There’s lots of info on where Sony is going with their DSLR line-up and their lenses.

A few highlights… expect Sony to do away with all the screw type lenses in favour of motor driven lenses.  Makes sense as that’s pretty much the direction Nikon and Canon have gone.

Also, expect to see Sony focus more on professional lenses like primes and fast zooms.  There won’t be much focus on consumer grade lenses as Sony attempts to continue to carve out a bigger piece of the market.

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