Is Someone Thinking of Dropping Micro Four Thirds?

With Photokina 2010 within arm’s reach comes an interesting camera twist. Just this afternoon a “birdie” said that a company associated with Micro Four Thirds is thinking down the road hoping to cover all their bases. This is partially based on the number of introductions of serious amateur cameras using larger APS-C sensors. (Larger than M4/3.) These include Samsung’s NX-10, Sigma Photo’s SD- and DP-line, and Sony’s NEX- products and more are expected. Apparently, there’s concern that the psychology of a bigger sensor has the potential to give serious competition to their Micro Four Thirds products.

Internally, strong consideration is being given to several ideas. The first would be to stand ground with their camera products and continue to build on them. Another alternative  would be to give consumers a choice of either Micro Four Thirds or APS. There’s a fear that this move would almost certain to lead to confusion as to why one company has two similar offerings. A third idea would be to totally drop Micro Four Thirds and jump right into APS. With the later this could prove to be an embarrassment and draw the ire of their current base.

For now, this scenario is strictly labeled “Out There!” Between now and September continue to brace for these seesaw type of stories. For now, it’s just another day in the playground.

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