Digic V In The 1Ds MkIV & 60D

Canonrumors has posted information they’ve received that Digic IV may already be being phased out in favor of Digic V for the upcoming Canon 60D and Canon 1Ds Mk IV.

Interesting if this is the case.  To move technology in the middle of a line-up for a given series is a new one for Canon.  The 1D MkIV has dual Digic 4 processors, and we would’ve expected the 1Ds MkIV to have the same.

Perhaps the higher resolution that we expect to see in the 1Ds MkIV, 30 to 40 megapixels by all reports, requires more juice.  Maybe dual Digic 4 just isn’t a fast enough pipeline to handle all that information flow.

Could this be a case of the old saying “Necessity is the mother of all invention”?

Begs the question too… will it be dual Digic 5?  Triple Digic 5?  Why not Quad Digic 5?  Or why not Quad Digic 4 for that matter?

But why put it in the Canon 60D?  The 7D uses dual Digic 4, so unless Canon is planning to surprise us with a higher than 18 megapixel sensor in the coming 60D, dual Digic 4 should be just fine.  Maybe Canon figured if they have to build it for the 1Ds MkIV, why not put it in the 60D?

Either way, I always like to see technology advances.  Let’s hope the 1D MkIV owners don’t feel burned that their pricey purchase has old technology if the rumor is true and the 1Ds MkIV comes out with Digic V.