Canon EOS 3D

Dean Francis has a conceptual mock-up of the long dreamed about Canon EOS 3D.  Check it out at…

To start with, it’s a very nicely done mock-up!  Great job Dean!

The fabled 3D is a camera many Canon shooters have been lusting over for years.  Each anticipated announcement by Canon has caused many a Canon photog to cross his fingers and toes and say a quick prayer in hopes that the 3D is finally here.  And then they’ve been dissappointed.

Could it be that Dean knows something we don’t?  Is his mock-up of the EOS 3D more than just a great exercise in conceptual art?

I think it’s safe to say that if Canon did release an EOS 3D, it would be a grand slam for them.  The 3D that many have been waiting for is a full frame DSLR with a rugged body, sturdier than the 5D MkII body, but not as big or as bulky as the 1Ds MkIV.

The sensor will be current, even class leading.  For today’s standards that would mean around 30 megapixels with an incredible high ISO range that is super clean.  Shooting at ISO 256,000 and it looking like ISO 400 on a 7D would be nice, but ISO 6400 that looks as clean as the 7D at ISO 400 would be just fine.

The shutter will be quiet, more quiet than anything in a Canon DSLR yet.  The fps will be at least 5fps, but likely higher.  It will have multiple levels of RAW sizes, and 1080HD video.  Most importantly, it will have the top Canon AF system from the 1D MkIV.

Bring this camera out Canon, price it higher than the 5D MkII ($4,000 USD is fine), and I guarantee you over-night success.  It’ll be a grand slam like you’ve never seen.  You won’t be able to keep it in stock, and people will be paying premium pricing to get one early.

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  1. Russ says:

    15/16 meg will do fine. 6/7 frames a second. Fantastic 400 asa performance and focussing. Put my name near the front of the list please. Go on Canon you can do it !!!