Canon 680EX Speedlite

Is there a new Canon Speedlite coming down the pipe?  CanonRumors just posted about a 680EX to replace the 580EXII.  I haven’t heard anything about it, but I’m not surprised.

A lot of people weren’t entirely happy with the 580EXII when it came out.  Some even ran out to buy up remaining 580 Speedlites before they were all gone.  A Canon 680 EX may be just what the Strobe Doctor ordered.

With the 7D, T2i, 1D MkIV, and coming 1Ds MkIV and 60D, it makes sense that Canon would update their flash technology to match the advances in the new camera line-up.  Canon has always taken a backseat to Nikon when it comes to flash technology.  Nikon flash just works.  Canon flash works sometimes.

Could the 680EX be the answer Canon shooters have been waiting for?  Is Canon one step closer to perfecting their flash system?  I’m sure there are an awful lot of crossed fingers as wait to see if the 680Ex becomes a reality.

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  1. Marko says:

    I hope so..

    Nikon flash system still a few steps ahead of canon tecnology, SECOND COURTAIN and individual control still missing on E-TTL, while CLS has everything…

    Its time for canon to act and do something usefull for their user… (ME)

  2. Creo sinceramente que Canon tiene que sacar un flash que reemplace urgente al 580 EX II . Sin lugar a dudas , para adaptarse a las nuevas tecnologías de sus recientes cámaras : 7D, 60D , Mark IV .
    Tiene que ser con todos los chiches , a full , un flash que de que hablar a la competencia , aunque a la competencia ( Nikon ) , va a ser dificil de superar pero no imposible de igualar ¿ verdad ?. Canonistas . Esperemos , bendita paciencia .

  3. petros says:

    Canon s speedltes are made from 580ex to 580exII for small sensors thats why they works perfect with 7D ,550 etc.. But with eos 1dsmarkII and III 5D almost every shot is underexposed . So thats Nikon with the SB900 flashgun support perfectly the new full frame Nikons and with the small sensors have problem of
    overexposure and the SB800 is the perfect flashgun for them.
    So Canon in a few days deliver the new speedlite 680 to solve this problem and…many others.
    Sorry about my spelling but i dont know very good english.

  4. Kenneth Richardson says:

    i think 680ex will make Canon King of the Hill, being I never was fond of Nikon Flashes especially the SB-600, so dad-gum hard to figure out, when compared to Canon, and I have used both flash Systems, and I prefer Canon Flash, as they have a higher Guide Number