Canon 1Ds MkIV Square Sensor

Yet another CanonRumors post on the 1Ds MkIV, this time with a really revolutionary bit of information… a square sensor for the 1Ds MkIV.

I had to think about this one when I first read it.  Actually, I’m still thinking about it.  My gut says this one is going nowhere.  I’m going to give it a 1 on the RumorToReality scale.

Here’s why…

It’s just too revolutionary a concept for the flagship.  I think if Canon tries a square sensor, it won’t be in the flagship.  Sure, there is an argument for why a square sensor would be a good thing, just check out the article at  Dean Francis does a great job of laying out the case for a square sensor.

But, it’s just too revolutionary for the flagship.  Maybe the 60D?  Maybe the next Rebel model?  Maybe even a new slot in the Canon DSLR line-up altogether, but not the flagship.  I just don’t see Canon taking that big a chance with the top gun.

But hey… I’ve been wrong before.  What do you thinK?

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  1. Square sensor? Sounds like a little too lengthy leap to take, would Canon be so long-sighted / visionary to try something like that? I’d bet my money on the “no” answer..

    .. but the idea is worth the look, but maybe some smaller company (Pentax, Sigma) will do it in some future dSLR-model instead of the industry giant trying it’s wings.