Canon 135 f1.8L IS is saying they have word that a new Canon 135 f1.8L IS is coming.  Possibly, an f2.0L IS if not f1.8L IS.

Either way… SCHWING!

This Canon 135 f2.0L is a favourite with many shooters.  It’s a great portrait lens, fast with a beautiful bokeh.   Nothing like a little length and a fast f2 aperture to give you an amazing look.  Compression + Bokeh = Oooo La La.

One of my wedding photographer buddies is a HUGE fan of the current 135 f2.0L for weddings.  Fast and light, he prefers it to the size and weight of his 70-200 f2.8L IS.  MUCH easier on the wallet too.

A new 135 from Canon with IS will be of interest to a lot of shooters.  If the optics are as good as the current version (i.e. EXCELLENT), it’ll be an easy seller.  If they’re even better, well, better is always a plus.

Let’s hope Canon doesn’t boost the price significantly because of the IS.  That would be a real shame as the current optic is a bargain.  Remains to be seen, but here’s hoping we see the new IS version at close to or the same price as the current one.