Apple TV… It’s BACK!

Engagdget says they have “a source very close to Apple” that confirms there’s a new version of Apple TV coming… and it’s CRAZY cool!

Think cloud storage.

Think 1080HD on demand that can also be saved to time capsules.

Think iPhone 4 OS, apps and all.

Perhaps the biggest news… it’s gonna be less than $100!  That’s right, it’ll be just $99!  Crazy!  At this price, everybody’ll be getting in on it.  You thought the iPad sold well?  That’ll seem like peanuts compared to how many of these are gonna fly off the shelf.

Is this the next step in Apple world domination?  Maybe, but it’s certainly the next step in the ever-changing television revolution.  The internet has changed the world forever, and it’s changing the face of television as we know it.

Apple TV will continue this march to new frontiers ,and it’ll be interesting to see how the existing networks deal with it.  Will they adapt and go forward, or wither away like aging dinosaurs (think newspapers and consider what’s happened/happening to them).